Our Services

Interior Paint Work

We work closely with clients to determine the perfect shade that suits the style of their home and their preference. Whether you are in the midst of renovating or redecorating your home, painting is the perfect touch to enhance the overall aesthetic of the setting. The PaintPros team of professionals will execute the project in a timely manner while delivering creative and efficient methods of paint work. We provide interior painting services for residential and commercial sites. Anything from rooms, doors, trims, and windows, our team will precisely paint according to the requested colour and finish. Our service ranges from commercial to residential projects.

Exterior Paint Work

Along with exterior aging comes the extreme weather conditions that the Canadian climate brings which can impact the state of outdoor surfaces. Protect your investment and give it a nice fresh coat of paint to enhance the surface and make your home stand out from the rest of the block. We will get the job done right with our extensive knowledge and appropriate tools and equipment. Some of our exterior services include stucco, wood (decks, fences, etc.), vinyl or aluminum siding, brick, garage doors, trims, railings, and more. We will provide the ultimate long-lasting weather-proof protection while creating a crisp new look for the external surfaces. Residential or commercial, we do it all. Our service ranges from commercial to residential projects.

Custom Homes

Regardless of the size and areas that need paint, our team is qualified for large scale jobs. We work effectively to tackle the tasks and produce luxury results. From waffle ceilings to detailed surfaces, the PaintPros crew does not disappoint in terms of delivering the quality we stand by. We work closely with our clients to plan out the project and inform them on the specific steps and the order of implementation. Additionally, we provide a wide selection of colours and finishes for clients to choose from. The sky is the limit when you choose our team. Your home is our canvas, and we are the artists.

Touch Ups & Cosmetic Work

In need of a refreshment for a specific surface inside or outside? The PaintPros team will paint any of the requested areas with a clean touch up to match the existing colour and finish. We provide a wide range of cosmetic work to maintain the aesthetics of your home or commercial space. Our team will take care of any touch ups seamlessly within a cost-effective price range


Protect your surfaces while adding the colour of your choice with our reputable staining services. We stain anything from decks and fences, staircases, and much more. The PaintPros team will come prep, stain/seal, and clean the area of work while ensuring A-grade results. PaintPros only uses the highest quality products and materials to fulfill the tasks. We provide premium staining services that you can depend on and are committed to delivering high-grade workmanship.